How SwiftMQ is licensed

License Packs are charged per copy. One copy is one instance of a SwiftMQ product. A SwiftMQ HA Router with 2 physical HA instances counts as one instance. There is no limitation in number of CPUs, users, connections etc. We don't provide free development or test licenses. With purchasing a License Pack you receive the right to bundle a SwiftMQ product with your product/solution, depending on the number of copies the License Pack contains.

Click here to view the SwiftMQ Binary Code License.

Software maintenance gives free access to new SwiftMQ releases. 12 month free maintenance is included in the license fees. Additional maintenance are priced at 20 percent of the license fee per year. Maintenance renewal is optional.

For further questions regarding license issues or order processing, please contact Sales.

SwiftMQ Universal Router

The highly scalable and high performance all-in-one JMS/AMQP enterprise messaging system. Includes all Extension Swiftlets and all Kernel Swiftlet replacements.

Number Copies Price/Pack EUR Price/Pack USD
1 2.000,00 2.600,00
10 15.000,00 19.500,00
50 60.000,00 78.000,00
100 90.000,00 117.000,00
200 116.000,00 150.800,00
500 150.000,00 195.000,00
1000 220.000,00 286.000,00

SwiftMQ High Availability Router

SwiftMQ Universal Router + High/Continuous Availability.

Number Copies Price/Pack EUR Price/Pack USD
1 3.900,00 5.070,00
10 28.000,00 36.400,00
50 110.000,00 143.000,00
100 170.000,00 221.000,00
200 220.000,00 286.000,00
500 285.000,00 370.500,00
1000 430.000,00 559.000,00

Support Contracts

IIT provides professional Incident Level Support for all SwiftMQ products. Incident Level Support is designed for companies, developers, and end-users who needs occasional and immediate assistance. An incident is defined as a single support issue with a SwiftMQ product and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue is a problem that cannot be broken down into subordinate parts.

Incident Packs are limited to 12 month from the purchase date or until the number of incidents have been used, whichever comes first. Incident Packs differ in response times and support coverage.

IIT's Technical Support is based on these Terms and Conditions. Please read this carefully before using Technical Support.

Incident Pack Responsetime Price EUR Price USD
Bronze Support, Single Incident Pack 2 Business days 235,13 305,67
Bronze Support, 6 Incident Pack 2 Business days 1.175,63 1.528,32
Bronze Support, 12 Incident Pack 2 Business days 2.103,75 2.734,88
Bronze Support, 24 Incident Pack 2 Business days 3.712,50 4.826,25
Silver Support, Single Incident Pack 1 Business day 396,00 514,80
Silver Support, 6 Incident Pack 1 Business day 1.980,00 2.574,00
Silver Support, 12 Incident Pack 1 Business day 3.712,50 4.826,25
Silver Support, 24 Incident Pack 1 Business day 6.187,50 8.043,75
Gold Support, Single Incident Pack 4 Business hours 618,75 804,38
Gold Support, 6 Incident Pack 4 Business hours 3.093,75 4.021,88
Gold Support, 12 Incident Pack 4 Business hours 5.568,75 7.239,38
Gold Support, 24 Incident Pack 4 Business hours 9.900,00 12.870,00